Monday, 24 September 2012

Randomly talk

Seldom people just can say, maybe they got the same experience or just trying to put their feet down but for me no one feel exactly the same way you are. Some friend when another got a problem they try to cool it down, you're lucky if you got a friend like that. Well luckily i have too. 

Either they feel the same way or not, its up to them. i realize that what we happened to today are effect from the past. Some people call it karma, some others call it Qada' and Qadar. Im not that pious to talk more about religion but we do realize that we just can't stay to make something happen. Its all depend on us. 

I used to listen most of The Script song, and now im listening again and again. I think its to much related with me, through their lyrics i found something lost, i do not alone, i have loneliness.  Thanks The Script.