Thursday, 27 September 2012

Introvert and people flaws.

I'm trying to be shy, to be quite, yeahh to be introvert but then turns out to be normal again.
Well yeah, its not easy to pleasure everyone, so i try to move my feet out from the field.
Field that full of fool people trying to make others understand even their just bark with empty things.
Everyone got their flaws, but doesn't means you have to cover up with barking and stupid things. 
Trust me its unnecessary to be the best, it just need to improve your flaw become your wings. 

Some people said: 

"its not okay to be hypocrite, just be yourself. Show your action, do what ever you like"
Well its okay to be hypocrite, you have, you must remember you got a religion, and that's become your barrier to you remember what you can do, or not. Choose, you wanna become hypocrite to people or  God? You prefer to bash by people, but you didnt care what God's order?

Well we know that nothing last forever, all things in this earth got a lifespan. We aren't god who didn't die, and as a human we got a fickle heart. Always change, time by time. So we actually know, just simply stating something that we actually didn't mean it. 

"I been busy, sorry."
When we're trying to avoid from something, or running away from someone the same reason going be use is 'busy'. Same lie and untold story been tell by everyone, well yeah its hard to telling the truth, or we just try to care 1000 of heart but we do realize we are stating a lie. Same old lie, and its getting lame. We are not that hectic till we can't spend even a minutes.

And sorry, just those pickup lines that keep playing in my mind. Maybe later i'll update some more. 

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