Thursday, 7 November 2013

Stop Smoking

Its been a while since my last post, I am not blogging for hoping that someone to read my blog but i write it because i want to. Back to my topic, Stop smoking.

Okay it was started around 2 months ago when the government raise up the cigarette price, I was shocked because suddenly Marlboro price was RM12. I know this day will coming but not this soon. Yeah, im still studying and RM12 per day is a big amount.So i slow it down, it was hard at the first. Its like leaving your bestfriend behind.

Yes, cigarette is a bestfriend, i mean just like. Its always there whenever up and down. It was the one who i take when i sad, happy, study, after eat, when i woke up, when i wanna sleep and bla bla bla. Leaving your bestfriend, its not that easy. But when it start to demanding, you know one day you have to let it go.

I was a heavy smoker, seriously i am. When my car broke down, i get like one big impact on my life. I cant go to work, so i don't have extra money. Drastically i slow down smoking, i manage to get 4 days for 1 box of cigarette.Yes, i get sick and few days fever. I was like, "whaaattt? thats amazing!" but when my car fixed everything start back to normal. I realize I start to smoke like before again.

Then something pop up in my mind, I need to change. So i need to start with i need to stop, yes it is hard. Way more harder than before, im addicted to nicotine  so its damn  hard. But i manage to handle it. Well it already 1 week and wish me luck.

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